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SPYD30K-45 Mobile rail preheating machine

(1) SPYD30K-45 Mobile Rail preheating machine
(2) Maximum oscillating power:45KW
(3) Maximum input power: 38KW
(4) Output frequency: 30KHZ about
(5) Input: 380V three phases 50 or 60HZ
(6) Duty cycle: 100%
(7) Heating head cable length: 5 meters (different length can be ordered)
(8) Used for Rail preheating or rail tempering;
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 SPYD Customized mobile induction heating machine,with cable 3~5mlong or 10 to 40m long,  power 5~300KW,frequency 5--300KHZ around,can be used to a lot of metal heating applications, such as braze copper tube connectors and copper bars of transformer, or to heat the metal surface for coating , or to heat the deck surface for paint removing , etc.

 Because of the difference of materials, difference of heating desires and difference of coil shapes and sizes, SPYD machines must be customized to match different usage. SPYD machine is customized according to the heating material、part shape and size、coil requirement and related details, and customized machine is only suitable for similar coil and similar workpiece.So when ordering, following message should be given to us for good design: 

(1)  Material

(2)  Workpiece dimension and drawing

(3)  Heating purpose

(4)  Heating temperature

(5)  Heating speed or heating time required;

(6)  Coil desired;

Structure of SPYD Heaters

SPYD Customized mobile induction heaters are widely used in auto or semi-auto production lines due to their light weight and small size. And more application will come accompanying the developing of robot and multi-joint hand machines are used in the future.

Main Advantages and Limits of SPYD Heaters

(1) Very small and light heating head, for example, heating head of SPYD-10 is only 0.9KG, so, SPYD machines are suitable for hand held heating on site and suitable for holding on the robot multi-joint.

(2) Heating heads which contains capacitor only are durable and easy for repair.

(3) High heating efficiency: SPYD machines is of series + parallel oscillating structure, parallel structure is used on output unit and then to have large heating current through coil but small current through output cable so to minimize energy lost and to get high heating efficiency.

(4) SPYD machines are customized for specific materialpart and coil, so they can only be used to that specific application or very similar coilpart and material heating.  Be aware of this when order.

Application of SPYD Heaters


Model and Specifications of SPYD Heaters

  SPYD Customized mobile induction heaters can be ordered with power 3—300KW, frequency 5-300KHZ. Regulations below are generally followed when ordering:

1、Power range: 3—300KW.  Following power can be ordered: 6KW10KW20KW30KW40KW60KW80KW100KW120KW160KW200KW240KW and 300KW

2、 Basic composition and configuration

Main cabinet may contain only SPYD generator, or may add cooler inside. Simple operating panel or Touch screen operating panel can also be ed. We generally supply three combinations as below.

3、Model definition Taking 10KW20KHZ SPYD heater as example.

(1)  SPYD20K-10

Representing SPYD heater with frequency 20KHZ around and 10KW power. Operating panel is as shown in below picture. Additional cooler or water circulating system should be prepared to cool SPYD machine and coil.


(2)  SPYD20K-10-PLC

Representing SPYD machine with frequency 20KHZ around, power 10KW and touch screen operation panel.

Operating panel is as shown in below picture. Additional cooler or water circulating system should be prepared to cool SPYD machine and coil.


(3)  SPYD20K-10-C2-PLC 

Representing SPYD heater with frequency 20KHZ around, power 10KW, 2P cooler inside and touch screen operating panel.

Operating panel is as shown in below picture. These type SPYD heaters can be used directly after electrical installation and are easy to move around.


Working Theory and Circuit of SPYD Heaters

SPYD Customized mobile induction Heaters adopt parallel/series combination oscillating circuit, inverting high frequency power is output through transformer to the heating head (oscillating cap), and then output to coil for heating. 


Output part is of parallel oscillating structure, there is only capacitor inside heating held box, so heating head is very small and light. Furthermore, large heating current is oscillated directly between capacitor and induction coil and current through cable is still small, so heating efficiency of SPYD heaters is very high.

Now, in most of the mobile heating machines in market, series oscillating structure is used and heating head is a water-cooled transformer which will consume a lot of energy and also be very easy to be destroyed of leaking water.  Compared to that kind machines, SPYD heaters will give marvelous function and performance to users.

In SPYD Heaters, our latest third generation inverting and adjust technologies are adopted to realize soft switching of the IGBT & MOSFET components and independent adjusting of the power and frequency, so as to reach a marvelous heating feature of the machine.

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