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Air cooled Induction melting machine

Air cooled Induction melting machinemore >

  • SPL-20B 50KG Induction Zinc melting furnace

  • SPL-30 50KG Induction Zinc melting furnace

Air cooled Induction melting machineintroduction

Air cooled induction melting machine

Using air cooled induction heating generator to melt low melting point metal or alloy such as Zinc, Tin, and Lead with stainless steel or steel melting pot. Refer to the picture below

Main advantages

1.  Air cooled induction heating generator and melting furnace, no need for cooling water, easy installation and operation.

2.  High heating efficiency Compared with resistance heating stove, and no preheat process is needed.

3.  Induction heating is clean, safe and high efficient compared with traditional gas or coal heating.

    Main models and melting capacity

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