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Special order and auxiliary products

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    Special order and auxiliary productsintroduction

    Special order:
    1. Input voltage: 
    Our standard machine is based on 220V 50HZ single phase or 380V 50HZ three phase input power.  Machines of other input power can be ordered:  3×220V, 3×415V, 3×440V, 3×480V , 50 or 60HZ.

    2. Matching with various induction coils:
      (1) SP and SPG high frequency machines:  we have standard machine models of small power machine which are designed for brazing or heat treatment application, the inductance of coil is around 0.5UH.  Machines of large power or different application are supplied according to the user’s heating desire and induction coil.
      (2) SPZ medium frequency machines: Only medium frequency generators are standard products, we’ll design and manufacture compensating capacitor and transformer (if needed) to matching with coil and heating desire.

    3. With PLC control and touch screen operating panel: All models can be ordered with PLC control and touch screen operating panel for example SPG50K-35B-PLC.  Output current, voltage, frequency and power can be displayed on the panel simultaneously,  and 25 processes can be preset and saved for different parts.


    4. With multi-transformer switchover:  All models can be ordered with one generator and two or more transformers switched over.  Only one transformer is connected and one part is heated.  This type of machine is used for the situation where heating time is very short and preparing time is much longer.  Transformers are switched over manually by remote box or switched over automatically by PLC control unit.


    5. Multi-transformer working together:  Most of our models can be ordered with one generator and multi transformer working together to satisfy different desires of our user. Two typical applications are listed below:
    (1) Picture below shows SPG400K2-100B-4 machine with four transformers working together, user’s main desire is to achieve same frequency and same current through the four induction coils.


    (2) Picture below shows SPG50K-35B-2 machine with two transformers working together.  In this application, eight parts are heating together, but eight parts and coils are separated from each other a long distance. Now the cable between generator and each transformer is 2 meters long with 1 meter cable from transformer to coil.


    6. Temperature sensing and control: All models can be ordered with temperature sensing and control function. Now main temperature sensing devices are thermo-couple and infra-red sensor. Temperature control device is also designed according to user’s desire to provide simple temperature presetting, display and retaining functions and other special temperature control desires such as temperature curve control, retaining time control and so on.  Temperature control device can be supplied as below

    7. Air cooled induction heating machine: All of our standard models are water cooled since the induction coil which large current goes through needs to water cooled.  Water cooled machines are manufactured small, clean and dry without ventilation fans.  But in some applications, current through the coil is not big (usually less than 200A), so air cooling is simple and convenient both for coil and machine. Some of our models can be manufactured to be air cooled.
    8. others

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