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SPG400K2-10 high frequency induction heater

(1) Model: SPG400K2-10
(2) Maximum input power: 10KW
(3) Output frequency: 200—500KHZ
(4) Heating Current: 2.8~28A
(5) Input: 380V three phases 50 or 60HZ, special input 3×415V, 3×440V or 3×480V can be ordered.
(6) Duty cycle: 100%
(7) Timing function of A type machine: Heating, retaining time: 0.1—99.9 sec.
(8) Cooling water desire: ≥0.2MPa ≥5L/min
(9) Weight: 27.5 KG
(10) Size of Generator(CM): 55L× 31W× 47 H
(11) Used for heat treatment, etc.

Keyword: induction heater, high frequency brazing machine, melting machine,



These series are suitable for many applications, for example,

 (1)Heat treatment of gear and shaft

(2)metal wire and foil heating 

(3)tiny or powder material melting   
Due to the adopting of our third generation inverting control technology,   These series machines are acterized not only with high power and high frequency up to 500KHZ output, but also with high reliability .

Advantages and applications of models with Timer function:
    1. Heating power, retaining power, heating time, retaining time   can be preset and adjusted, this makes it possible to control the heating curve and heating time.
   2. It is suitable to use in the repeated heating or high speed heating of small parts;
   3. When using in brazing, with proper timing parameters, rapid heating and retaining can be achieved to keep the temperature while the brazing material is melted and then to let the brazing material spread smoothly to form good joint.


Features and applications of separated transformer:
   1. Due to the high frequency output, one body machine is recommended to achieve high frequency and low energy loss.
   2. In these three series machines, the high frequency transformer is separated from the generator, with 2 meters connecting cable at least.
   3. It is suitable to use in the dirty or corrosive surroundings, the generator can be put in a clean space to increase the reliability.
   4. With the small size and light weight of the separated transformer, it is convenient to use in the production line and easily assembled inside the machinery or moved mechanism.


Working theory and structure
    In These series machines, series oscillating circuit is applied, through high frequency transformer, low voltage and high current power is output to go through the induction coil. The main oscillating structure is as follows:

    Inside These series machines, MOSFET and our third generation inverting control technology has been used, that is the soft and dual control and inverting technology. In this technology, output power and frequency can be controlled and adjusted separately, IGBT and soft switching control technology are used in the high frequency switching circuit to control the output power.  In the inverting circuit, the MOSFET and frequency tracing circuit is applied to achieve high speed and accurate soft switching control. The adoption of new technologies not only improves the quality and reliability of the machine,but also solve the technology problem on large power induction heating machine and makes it possible to work 100% duty cycle.
    Inside the These series machines, oscillating cap is connected to the secondary coil of the transformer, so the voltage on the primary coil of the transformer is low and problems caused by high voltage such as sparks and insulations are solved thoroughly to increase the reliability and quality of the machine. At the same time, the transformer is light and small sized with low energy consuming.


Comparison of SPG400K2 and SPG400K machines:
   1. SPG400K and SPG400K2 machines are basically the same and have the same output and heating acteristics.
  2. For users whose input power is 3×380V or 3×440V,  SPG400K2 machines adopt the high voltage MOSFET to be inverting components, so to make the machine’s structure simple and small in size which is easier for later maintenance.

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